Tuesday, December 30, 2008

False Eye Lashes Tutorial

False lashes look amazing on. I seriously recomend wearing false lashes to your next event whether your a beautiful bride or just going to a party. False eye lashes will make your look bigger, and more glamorous.

Dianne Brill Lashes come in a set of 3 in this really cute blue package.

-A small set for the outer corners.
-Long Set for the full lash look.
-Medium Set with Swarovski Crystals secured in. (I tried this set and the Swarovski Crystals just make your eyes twinkle. It's not over bearing at all. It will make your eyes sparkle.)

Package also comes with glue. Here is a quick Eye Lash Tutorial if you don't know how to put on False Eye Lashes I thin you should watch this.

Click on Image for a You Tube Eye Lash Tutorial.

Come in to DeVenir Beauty: 348 Millburn Ave. Millburn NJ. 07041 to get your false lashes.

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