Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Worst Best Man Ever

The worst best man ever! This video is so funny. The best man has one thing to do and he get's it so so wrong. Click on image to watch the funny video. Wedding's are stressful enough without having to worry about something like this happening to you. This video is sponsored by Butterfinger but I don't care it's hilarious.

Britney Spear Brother Get's Married

Britney's big brother Bryan is getting married with his little sister Jaime Lynn's manager, Graciella Sanchez. They are tying the knot this evening in New Orleans, for a New Years Eve Wedding. Bryan was one of People Magazine's Hottest Bachelor of 2008.
New Years Eve Wedding's are fun. Everyone needs to go to a party and celebrate with friends and family.

Felina Bra on Oprah

Felina Bra Hint of Skin on the Oprah Show. This Bra has a seamless hidden underwire for comfort and smooth look.
The bra is stitch free and label free. Smooth lazor cut edges on this fabulous push up bra.

Check this bra out on only $36.00

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

False Eye Lashes Tutorial

False lashes look amazing on. I seriously recomend wearing false lashes to your next event whether your a beautiful bride or just going to a party. False eye lashes will make your look bigger, and more glamorous.

Dianne Brill Lashes come in a set of 3 in this really cute blue package.

-A small set for the outer corners.
-Long Set for the full lash look.
-Medium Set with Swarovski Crystals secured in. (I tried this set and the Swarovski Crystals just make your eyes twinkle. It's not over bearing at all. It will make your eyes sparkle.)

Package also comes with glue. Here is a quick Eye Lash Tutorial if you don't know how to put on False Eye Lashes I thin you should watch this.

Click on Image for a You Tube Eye Lash Tutorial.

Come in to DeVenir Beauty: 348 Millburn Ave. Millburn NJ. 07041 to get your false lashes.

A Sexy Gal's Top 10 New Years Resolutions

Top 10 New Years Resolution for Women

With the New Year just around the corner, people are making there New Year Resolutions. From the popular " Go to the Gym" to "Be a Better Friend" which will probably be broken two weeks into the New Year. Here's a Brave Woman's New Years Reolution List that will be easier to keep.

1. Thou shall have some self-respect: So you are stuck in a relationship, which sucks big time. Have the courage to hold out for the right relationship. If you're being given the run-around, then move on. You deserve better. And if you were eyeing that hunk who walks in the hot pants in your gym, then hit on woman! It’s the New Years…who knows he just might have made a resolution to dump his girl and is looking for a shoulder to cry on!

2. Thou shall try out a new hairstyle: Who says that you are too old to try out something funky? It's all about the right attitude, baby. So if you have got it, flaunt it. A word of advice, check with your hairdresser.

3. Thou shall plan some time with the girls: If you're single, arrange a night to explore all the new sexy merchandise on sale. And if you are nursing a recent break up, have a freedom party, girl! Don’t go the Bridget Jones way…live your life on your terms. And, by the end of the night you'll love your single status.

4. Thou shall travel more: And by this, we don’t mean to your local beach. You have a weekend to get away. So you can’t do it every weekend. Make it a point to head off to a new destination and get into the discovery mode. And if heading out alone does not strike a right cord with you, then go online and the options are galore. You could team up with various avid travelers and hit the road. Check out for great travel deals.

5. Thou shall donate time to charity - And I don't mean your best friend named Charity; donate time to an actual cause. It’s important to do something meaningful. All of us have the intention, but somehow manage to lose the focus when it comes to choosing between heading off to a nail spa and a charity function. But in the long run, donating time always brings in a feel good factor.

6. Thou shall get sexy, naughty and kinky: If you've never tried blindfolding then give your senses a treat this year. It’s very easy for sex to fall to the bottom of your priority list, but make this New Year a kinky year! So, be different…it’s a New Year. Try wearing matching bra and panty set, a bustier too hide the belly and push up your chest. Lingerie is fun. Who said resolutions have to be boring…

7. Thou shall lose the pounds: Clich├ęd, but a must if you are eyeing that bikini which is a must have in your wardrobe. And you wouldn’t want to be caught dressed in one looking like a pillow dressed for a Halloween party. You don’t have to go size zero, but get the curves and get fit! The bikini season is just around the corner.

8. Thou shall learn to dance: Envied Shakira and Beyonce and have always wanted to dance like them. Then this New Year, pull out you’re dancing shoes and groove to the beats of salsa and hip-hop. Belly dancing and pole dancing is the in thing…and if you want to get a high on creativity, learn to lap dance your way through.

9. Thou shall get into gadgets! Well, I don’t mean the latest mobile phone or the sleek laptop! Get into sex toys…remember Samantha from Sex and the City! If she is your love guru, then get on her path this year. There are so many exciting and stimulating toys on the market, introduce a few into your love-making.

10. Thou shall indulge in fantasies: Who says you can’t live your fantasies…and if you run out of ideas, there’s always help around the corner. Log on to the Internet and lo behold, it’s a treasure trove of fantasies!

Source: Meenakshi Shankar/India Syndicate

Giisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Getting Maried?

Will Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady Get Married? As Hollywood Gossips about the maybe engagement Tom Bradies father deny's knowing any information.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Valentine's Day Lingerie

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and you must go out and by your sexy lingerie. From Red, black, pink or funky colored bras. On Valentine's Day you have to feel sexy wearing your lingerie.
Also think out of the box. Give your boyfriend, husband or significante other a tasteful sexy picture that you both can cherish. Boudoir Photographs are the latest and sexiest way to give a sexy gift to your man. Check out for information or contact me at 973.379.4450
Get black and white shots or shots in color, get it photo shopped top perfection. Whatever will make you feel and look sexy.
A Few Valentine's Day Lingerie Tips:
  • Black Ruffle Undies are a man's most purchased item.
  • Chemise's can hide the tummy and still show off your sexy legs.
  • A bustier for waist cinching, and push up can give you the sexiest sillhouette.
  • Badgley Mischka Lingerie in silk with a crystal in the center will bring attention to your decolettage.
  • From Thongs to Boy Shorts. You know what looks best on you but give both a shot.
  • Black Sexy Bras set with a garter belt is always a classic also try a colored set. Red Lingerie is always a must have for your collection.

How to Keep your Man Happy

Get Valentine's Day Shopping Ladies!

J.Lo knows how to keep her man happy. She was recently spotted in Bevery Hills picking up a few lacy things.

See even J.Lo has to put on some sexy undies some times. She knows the way to her mans heart.

Lacy Bras, Silk, Chemise's, or Cute Undies, it's the way to go. Get him a gift that will have him worshiping you.