Monday, January 5, 2009

Body Ballet

At Center for Dance and Body (428 East 75th Street, 2nd floor; 212-717-1302), Body Ballet is a unique workout program created by CDAB founder Anna Lederfeind that takes the principles of classical ballet training and adapts them to benefit the needs of today's active woman - of any age. No previous dance experience is required.

You'll work on every part of of your body from your toes (yes!) and feet to your neck and head. The port de bras exercises, so well known to professional dancers, will help your arms become strong and toned. You will develop a fundamental understanding of your own body's ideal posture in and outside of class. This new way of carrying yourself can stay with you throughout your life. You'll tone the core of your body and have healthy hip joints and back, improving flexibility and alignment. The lovely Belgian director Anna Lederfeind aims for ideal posture with 90 minutes of challenging Body Ballet. She switches between French and English (how authentique!) for the convivial group of barre workers

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