Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bra Fitting Experiment

One of the most common mistakes women make is selecting the wrong bra size. Today we preformed a bra fitting experiment to put to rest all the myths about bra sizing.

MYTH: If you are a measured to be a 36C all 36C bras will fit you.

FACT: Most brands have different bra cuts and sizing measurements, therefore unfortunately, your bra size maybe different and change depending upon the designer, style, or brand.

We took our model and measured her according to the standard bra sizing guide.
(using a professional seamstress flexible measuring tape)

As you can see, although our model was measured to be a 32B , as she tried on different brands, and bra styles (in her size 32B), some of the bras did not fit properly.

Our Recommendations:
In the end, we recommend to keep an open mind about your bra size.
Bra sizing is never accurate - it constantly changes based on the bra style and brand.
Therefore, it is always important to try on your bra before purchasing it.
As always, make sure you buy the bra that best fits you, and remember, your breast should not be falling out of the bottom of your bra, popping out the top, or squeezing out of the side of your bra. If the following mishaps are occurring to you, maybe you should consider trying to go up a size or letter.

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